Ella Easy Taxi Tours

1. Effortless Taxi Booking Project: EllaEasy.com.lk - User-Centric Booking Platform

Experience the magic of effortless taxi booking with EllaEasy.com.lk. Our WordPress development team designed and developed a user-centric platform that allows travelers to book taxis with ease. The booking process is intuitive and efficient, ensuring a hassle-free experience for customers.

2. Interactive Route Mapping Project: Route Mapping Integration for EllaEasy.com.lk

To enhance the user experience, we integrated interactive route mapping into EllaEasy.com.lk. Users can visualize their routes, estimated travel times, and fares, making it a handy tool for planning their journeys and gaining transparency on their taxi rides.

3. Real-Time Booking Updates Project: Real-Time Tracking and Updates for Passengers

Passengers can stay in the know with real-time tracking and updates on their taxi bookings. Our WordPress development team implemented features that enable passengers to track their taxi's location and receive status updates, ensuring peace of mind during their journeys.

4. Mobile Accessibility Project: Mobile Optimization for EllaEasy.com.lk

Recognizing the importance of mobile users, we optimized EllaEasy.com.lk for smartphones and tablets. Travelers can easily access the website on their mobile devices, providing a seamless experience when booking taxis on the go.

5. Booking Management Project: Booking Management System for Drivers

For taxi drivers, we created a booking management system that streamlines their workflow. They can accept and manage bookings efficiently, making EllaEasy.com.lk a valuable platform for both passengers and drivers.

6. Multilingual Support Project: Multilingual Interface for Diverse Users


Duration project: 3 days

Client: Ella Easy Taxi Tours


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